Pearl Roadshow Jr. 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals

Pearl Roadshow Jr. 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals

5-piece Junior Drum Kit with Cymbals and Hardware


Born out of Roadshow's white poplar shell construction and specially configured to smaller players and their tastes, the Roadshow Jr. is a quality all-in-one drum kit that kids and creatives of all ages will love spending time behind. Roadshow Jr.'s responsive 6-ply shells with hand-cut 45° bearing edges strike the perfect balance of head and shell response for the power and sustain to drive an ensemble. Pro-grade shell hardware, including adjustable spurs and gear-style tom holders, and your choice of two deluxe wrapped finishes crown each shell. Mini cymbals and a real-deal, reduced-scale hardware package — perfect for shorter arms and legs — complete the set. 


6-ply poplar shells

Like the Roadshow Standard, the Pearl Roadshow Jr. is built entirely out of white poplar — a tonewood regarded for its light weight, crisp attack, and balanced response up and down the kit. Shells feature 45° hand-cut bearing edges and dual-point cast tuning lugs for a satisfying response at any tuning range.


Fully adjustable, reduced-size hardware

The Roadshow Jr. comes with a complete set of fully adjustable drum hardware to provide a solid foundation for younger players:

  • Chain-drive bass pedal with adjustable tension springs and round felt beater
  • Tripod hi-hat stand with matching black foot plate
  • Snare stand with height and angle adjustments
  • Straight cymbal stand with geared tilter
  • Cushioned drum throne with non-slip rubber feet and locking height mechanism


Starter cymbals included

Your Pearl Roadshow Jr. from Sweetwater comes ready to rock with 10" Pearl hi-hats and a 13" Pearl crash.


Pearl Roadshow Jr. 5-piece Junior Drum Set Features:

  • All-in-one junior drum set
  • Born out of the acclaimed Pearl Roadshow series
  • Includes shells, heads, cymbals, hardware, and drumsticks
  • Pro-grade, 6-ply poplar shells with 45° hand-cut bearing edges and dual-point cast tuning lugs
  • Reduced-scale hardware package (stands, kick pedal, and throne) is perfect for shorter arms and legs
  • 10" hi-hats and 13" crash
  • Sizes (depth x diameter): 5" x 8" and 5.5" x 10" toms, 8" x 13" floor tom, 10" x 16" bass drum, 4" x 12" snare


Tech Specs

  • Configuration:Drum set with hardware
  • Number of Drums:5
  • Snare (Depth x Diameter):4" x 12"
  • Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter):5" x 8", 5.5" x 10"
  • Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter):8" x 13"
  • Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter):10" x 16"
  • Shell Material:Poplar
  • Included Cymbals:10" Hi-hat, 13" Crash
  • Included Stands:Cymbal stand, Hi-hat stand, Snare stand
  • Included Drum Pedal:Kick Pedal
  • Included Throne:Drum Throne
  • Tom Holders:2 x Rack Tom holders
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