When we say "Where anyone can play music" at Percussive Soundscapes, we mean it. Our academy is dedicated to finding the class that fits your playing ability and fits in fun too. With World Class teachers, our inventive classes at PS Music Academy bring music to people of all ages, and all walks of life, so that truly anyone can play. 
Guitar teacher and student









and MORE!

We will also offer clinics where we bring in guest artists throughout the year that will be open to anyone. Are you striving to be a college music major? Taking private lessons with one of our instructors would be a great way to prepare for your college auditions! Are you looking to make a specific instrument in your high school or college group? This is a great opportunity to hone your skills. Are you auditioning for drum corps? Learn from many people who have marched or are teaching top drum corps! Long story short, if you want to learn about music then this is the place to be!
Students having fun in lessons
Students playing small xylophones
We hold lessons and classes that cover a wide range of topics and instruments.
There are even classes for directors and staff of ensembles as well! 
Check out our online programs that can be attended from anywhere in the world!
Student playing piano
Piano class